Video Reviews

How to Bake Brownies

I make the brownies almost every single time I make brownies. I think that they are the best brownies you can make from a box. Homemade brownies will always be the best but these are the best from a box. They are very soft and stay fresh for a very long time. They are also super easy to make. I also really like these brownies because there are only a few other ingredients needed to make them and they don't take too long. I wanted to review this video because I HAD to let the world know that these are the best brownies. Also, brownies are my favorite dessert! I also chose this video because she added chocolate chips to the mix, which is not on the box recipe but makes them so much better. It adds so much more chocolatey and fudge-like flavor to the brownies. If you have never tried this you HAVE to try it. Also, i have to share my favorite way to eat them. Warm them up for 15 seconds in the microwave and add vanilla ice cream on top. This is the perfect activity to do if you are bored and it has a FANTASTIC result. If you can't tell I am very hungry and I need to go eat.